Unifoil holographic finishes deliver an eye-popping level of depth and movement in packaging, point-of-purchase displays, shelf signage and other specialty print applications. When you incorporate our standard or customized holography into your designs, the effect is absolutely magical. And they can deliver unsurpassed security and authentication protection for advanced security applications. Our holographic finishes are available on all of our Unilustre, Ultralustre and Unifilm products.

Security Applications

Holography is recognized worldwide as premier security and authentication device. At Unifoil we develop holograms for security applications that cannot be duplicated by any conventional printing, copying, or photo-reproductive process. Our holographic solutions are used on gift and credit cards, lottery tickets, and other security sensitive applications. We can work with you to develop custom applications ranging from simple icons to advanced designs such as hidden imagery and laser projections.

Stock Patterns

Unifoil stocks literally hundreds of holographic patterns from a simple rainbow pattern to cracked ice pattern to complex and mesmerizing lens patterns. These patterns are ready available in an assortment of effects and patterns that is sure to suit any project.

Custom Holography

Unifoil produces custom holographic patterns designed specifically for your application. We can show you how to incorporate custom holography into your product to provide unparalleled visual impact. Our award-winning specialists will work directly with your design team to develop custom designs, patterns, photography or other unique imagery, all designed to get your product noticed. You can take your designs to a whole new level by adding the motion, color and effects available through custom holography.