100% recyclable, 100% repulpable

Now, you can completely re-think what’s possible in IML,
IMD and other specialty applications.

Ultralustre® is our patented, 100% recyclable, metallized synthetic substrate that is revolutionizing the printing and packaging industry. It delivers the visual impact of foil and film laminates with none of the environmental and production challenges. Ultralustre is perfect for use in in-mold label applications because the absence of lamination alleviates any possibility of curling or wrinkling. You get a perfectly smooth application with the most eye-catching look possible. Ultralustre provides designers and packaging specifiers the ability to take their ideas to the next level and captures attention like never before. It delivers a true on-shelf marketing advantage.

Ultralustre is available in metallic silver, stock and custom holographic patterns and with advanced holographic security options. Ultralustre can be applied selectively to the substrate through our patented process. With the addition of color and embossing, your design options are truly endless.

Recyclable Ultralustre is designed to satisfy consumer-product-goods companies’ sustainability initiatives. Non-laminated and film-free, it is compatible with recyclable and regrindable IML and IMD applications. Ultralustre materials contribute to source reduction, use less energy and fewer materials compared with alternative products, are less expensive to ship, and can significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

Ultralustre can be used on a variety of substrates, from 2 – 36 gauge thicknesses — so it’s perfect for cups, transaction cards, tubes, food packaging, signage and displays. Our Ultralustre DI coating is approved for use with HP Indigo and is compatible with most major digital printers.


  • 100% Recyclable — the patented vapor deposition of aluminum is practically insignificant so the substrate is not contaminated
  • Reusable, regrindable, recyclable — compatible with recyclable and regrindable IML and IMD applications
  • Eye Catching Brilliance — with no film layer to see through — it is a first-generation embossing
  • Digital Print Compatability — with our proprietary DI coating
  • Security — High Refraction Image (HRI), Hidden Image (H/I) and Pin Strip
  • Gauge & Weight Efficiency — the absence of film eliminates film weight, allowing better yields for printers and shipping cost reduction
  • Recyclability & Regrindability — the patented vapor deposition of aluminum is practically insignificant so the substrate is not contaminated
  • Reduction of Ink — selective application of Ultralustre to the substrate eliminates most of the white ink, which is sometimes double bumped for coverage
  • Glueability — selective Ultralustre® adhesive to pull fiber, bond strength
  • Source Reduction — the absence of laminated film means larger yields per carton and roll
  • Non-Laminated — substrate is balanced and eliminates the possibility of delamination
  • Eliminates labels and direct printing
  • Curl Free — with a non-laminated balanced sheet, the process does not utilize heat or re-moisturizing, which could cause imbalance (curl).
  • Ultralustre is a lower-cost alternative to hot-stamping and some metallized applications, and promises increased printing speeds compared to foil or film laminates.
  • Security can be incorporated to insure security and authenticity


  • In-Mold Labels
  • Packaging
  • Promotional Cups
  • Tubes
  • Transaction Cards
  • Music & Gift Cards
  • Signage
  • Display
  • Large Format Digital Printing
  • Outdoor Waterproof Applications


  • Recyclable
  • Film-free
  • Foil-free
  • Made without solvents
  • Contribute to source reduction
  • Uses less energy and fewer materials compared with alternative products
  • Less expensive to ship
  • Can significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint
  • Prints on standard printing equipment